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Week I

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Tasks for the Week I


1. On our yahoogroup page, we have created a database for the participants. You are expected to enter the information about yourself. In order to see how to add record please watch the following video: Adding Record to the Database (File size: 13 MB)



2. Again on our yahoogroup page, a poll was created about the date and the time of a synchronous online discussion that we can come together. We thought that the weekdays may not be appropriate for all participants. Please vote for the date and the time of this event.



3. Finally, after you have written your gmail address to the database, you will receive an e-mail message and here you are expected to write your introductions on the blog page - blogger - of our group along with two photos (your own photo and a photo of yours with your students), conveying the following points:

     - Your backgrouns (educational & teachig) information

     - Your main research areas

     - Your expectations from the course

     - Your contact information


How to add information on our blog page (File Size: 55 MB) 




Online Session on WiZiQ:


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